The Advantages of Hanging Upside Down Therapy

This is not some wacky, new-age concept. It may seem like a Batman thing to do… but believe it or not there are benefits to hanging upside down. We humans have been inverting our orientation to earth’s gravity for thousands of years to reduce pain and improve our health. We likely all did it as kids too. Inverting reduces stress, stimulates circulation, improves flexibility, and improves our spines alignment all while reducing some of gravity’s effect on our aging bodies.

How Hanging Upside Down Works

The inversion equipment works in two main ways. First, it allows for a full inverted post that gently acts like a traction device, increasing the space between disks for disk fluid hydration, and gently stretching the muscles and ligaments for improved posture and flexibility. Secondly, the oscillating exercises allow for a pumping action to take place. This increases blood flow, nerve fluid flow, and lymph fluid flow, pushing toxins out of the body and pulling in fresh fluids.

Not only do these two exercises help you relax, they improve the suppleness and flexibility of your spine. Remember, we are only as young as our spines are supple. And we have all seen the aged and infirm with stiff bodies and stiff spines, unable to move around without great difficulty and pain. And we likely have seen other elderly running around like kids on candy. The difference is a supple, healthy, relaxed, and toned spines and core.

Other Benefits to Hanging Upside Down Therapy

In addition to a healthier spine, hanging upside down also temporarily increases oxygenation of the blood and increases blood flow to the head and organs. This temporary increase in flow helps pull in better blood to feed the brain, eyes, and organs, while helping the body draw out toxins and spent blood. A good side effect is that it also allows your heart a temporary break from pushing blood around and pumping it from the large muscles in your legs.

You know that flushed feeling when you blush? Bet you didn’t know it is healthy for you. Inversion therapy will give you that flushed feeling as well. This improved blood flow to your skin will help rehydrate it, flush out blood vessels, and improve circulation. Over time, your skin will begin to improve and even glow. The tone and color of your skin will improve along with enhanced mental clarity and reduced pain. The temporary increase in oxygenated blood will have a small effect that adds up over time.

Hanging Upside Down is Safe and Easy

Provided that you do not have a medical condition for which hanging upside down would be harmful, inversion therapy is safe and easy. Inversion tables are designed to provide gentle, safe, and comfortable relieve to what ails you. It is less dangerous than many other physical activities we use to get healthy. Even riding a bike or playing tennis carries more risk of injury and pain than simply inverting. Just ask the thousands of people, who use these systems every day and benefit from the effects of a supple spine and improved circulation the easy way, how safe they are in performance. Think outside the box and experience a wonderful new form of healing.

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