Health Benefits of Using an Inversion Table

Alternative treatments are becoming more popular as people see how many benefits they really have. The real eye opener comes when people also realize how few side effects these options have, especially when compared to chemically based pharmaceutical products. One way to treat a number of issues that may ail you is by simply hanging upside down. At first, this may sound silly to some but that is only until they see all the benefits. Hanging upside down from an inversion table is a drug free way to alleviate pain and do good for your whole body.

Most Common Reasons for Inversion Tables

One of the most common reasons people choose this treatment is for relief from back pain. If you have ever suffered with disc pain, you know how you are willing to try just about anything to make that constant aching stop. By hanging upside down on an inversion table you are helping to elongate your spine and take the pressure of the discs in your back. Many people claim quite a bit of relief from this, so it cannot hurt to try it for yourself. Doing this can also ease the pain on pinched nerves in the back, and help ligaments to stretch comfortably. This all means that moving about is easier once you are back on two feet.

Using such a table is also believed to help your lymphatic system work at its best. The lymphatic system is designed to help keep debris and harmful things out of our bodies, but sometimes they can get “backed up”. Inverting your body allows lymphatic fluids to more easily move the buildup of toxins in the body by naturally changing their flow. You may notice that your muscles feel more alive when your lymphatic system is working properly. Hanging upside down can also help various organs in the body. Just a slight tilt in fact, can help your heart pump easier, and blood to reach your brain easier as well. Every part of your body can be oxygenated, and you can feel rejuvenated.

Stress and Anxiety Relief

If you read inversion table reviews online, you may also see another trend among reviewers as far as benefits go. Many people claim that doing this type of therapy helps to relieve stress and anxiety. It could be the simple thing such as a little time to meditate while hanging upside down, it could be the rush of oxygen to the various parts of the body, whatever it is, anything that offers natural stress relief is a good thing.

So what are the side effects and cautions when choosing to use such a table? For healthy people there really are no warnings to be concerned with. Try saying that about prescription drugs! If you are pregnant, or suffer from heart disease or other serious illnesses then it is smart to talk to your doctor before attempting this or any other form of exercise or alternative options.

When it comes to alternative treatments, nothing is easier or comes with more overall benefits than simply hanging upside down!

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