5 Benefits of Using an Inversion Table You Might Want to Consider

Inversion tables, also known as teeter hang ups, are devices used for hanging upside down. Those who have never heard of the practice are sure to wonder what the point is, and most will be pleasantly surprised as it comes with a lot of health benefits. Here are the top 5 benefits that most people experience when using their inversion table.

1. Less Pain

This is the number one reason for most people that teeter hang. If you suffer from back pain and want to find a solution rather than a band-aid like prescription drugs, then you may want to try this out. Hanging upside down can help realign your spine, take pressure off your discs and rehydrate them, and help ease painful nerve pressure. It can also help with pain in the neck as it relaxes muscles all over the body. You may also find that you have more restful sleep, as less pain often means less tossing and turning.

2. Save Money

With less pain comes more focus. This means you can work harder and make more money. You’ll also feel better and more able to do things yourself that you may have paid someone else to do before. Less pain means you may want to wash your car, cook dinner, and clean the house rather than paying for others to do these basic services. Less pain also means fewer trips to the doctor, chiropractor, and pharmacist, which is sure to save you money.

3. Stress Relief

The world today seems like it runs on stress. Constant stress is bad for your health, both physical and mental. Many people claim that an unexpected benefit from using their tables is that of stress relief. Using an inversion table gives you some quiet time to meditate, and helps blood circulate throughout your body so that you feel invigorated and healthy. Less pain also means less stress as you will find everyday life a little happier.

4. Detoxify

Hanging upside down is also believed to help detoxify your body. This is due to gravity on your lymphatic system. It helps all the fluids flow, so that toxins are released more quickly. Being upside down can also help ease some pressure from your heart and really get your blood pumping. Inversion table reviews have also reported fewer headaches, which can be due to less toxins, better blood flow, or simply more relaxed muscles.

5. Stand Tall

Getting older has its drawbacks, but shrinking doesn’t need to be one of them. Shrinking as we age often happens due to compression of the spine. Using a teeter hang up can help relieve some of that pressure, help restore fluid in between your discs, and help stretch the spine.

Who knew that hanging upside down could come with such benefits! Many tables are very compact, or fold down so they can be easily stored in a small amount of space. They are often very affordable too, especially when compared to chiropractor bills. Consider getting your own inversion table and reaping the benefits for yourself.

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  • Wayne weckwerth Link Reply

    Just bought a Teeter Hang up.
    It’s best to have the dealer try it out on you . I’m 67 , somewhat fit , no dunlap but with back pain due to being tall
    The dealer checked me out while I was upside down .He said , no facial reddening of facial puffing due to poor circulation . He said people that smoke will have this show up
    Somethings to consider before buying one.

  • Margie Link Reply

    I have been hanging upside down for some years now. I have lately been doing it once a day. One minute upside down, one minute up , and one minute upside down again. I think it does make my back feel better, and it reduces the amount of times I see my chiropractor. It does not give me a headache, or any other side effects. I like it.

  • Rachel Link Reply

    I like hanging upside down. Lol. It’s fun. But then I get a headache. My face gets red. And my big green vein gets all noticeable. (:

    • I had an inversion table. I felt it really pulled my ankles apart way to much. The blood rushing to my head was very uncomfortable as well, as I got headaches from that. I also found it’s better to use a heating pad on your back prior to using the table to relax your back muscles. If you don’t, the table will be stretching tight muscles instead of decompressing the spine which results in spasms. If you have a belly, find a way to wrap your midsection, as your bulge will move and pull your back.

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