The Many Health Benefits of Hanging Upside Down

Over half the population has back pain or problems. Most simply take a prescription or over the counter drug to mask the pain and ignore what is causing the symptom. Others receive chiropractic care briefly and the problem eventually returns. Are you one of the many who has not tried the simple remedy of hanging upside down, an activity we did as kids and our ancestors have done for at least the past few thousand years?

The Many Health Benefits to Hanging Upside Down

  • Reduce your back pain
  • Increase disk hydration
  • Increase back function
  • Train core muscles gently
  • Recover from workouts or hard work
  • Reduce strain in overworked muscles
  • Strengthen ligaments
  • Stretch critical muscles
  • Stimulate circulation
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve balance
  • Improve blood flow to brain
  • Improve oxygenation of the blood
  • Reduce depression
  • Improve posture
  • Reduce pain
  • Improve flexibility

Inversion therapy, or hanging upside down, is a gentle exercise made to improve the flexibility and suppleness of the spine. Doctors, trainers, therapists, coaches, sports fitness coaches, pro athletes, and even the army are all recognizing the benefits of a healthy spine through inversion therapy. Whatever your goal, inversion therapy can turn your frown upside down, literally. It provides a comfortable and easy way to simultaneously relax, stretch, and tone your back and core muscles; all while improving the health of your spine and improving blood flow.

How Does Hanging Upside Down Work?

It puts gravity to work for you and places your body in a position where gravity undoes some of the effects it has on you when you stand upright. When done properly, it elongates the spine, improves disk hydration, eases sore muscles, reduces inflammation through improved circulation, improves flexibility and much more.

Gravity works for you and places your body in an inverted posture, which uses your own body weight to produce traction. This traction elongates the spine which then allows normal disk fluid to flow back into the disks through gently providing more space between these disks. These actions also provide more space between spinal nerves, ligaments, and nerve roots. The reduced pressure reduces pain over time and improves disk and spine health.

Additionally, improving the space between the disks help nerve fluid flow freely. This improved nerve flow increases the body’s ability to heal itself through improved circulation, increased nerve supply, and increased lymphatic flow. Inverting or hanging upside down as little as 25 degrees for 15 minutes a day has been found to reduce pain by up to 35% instantly. Plus, the increased healing means that the effects will last longer and increase overtime.

Improved posture and back health is the core of being able to handle your life. Improved posture and reduced pain has been shown to help regulate weight, improve activity levels and even increase productivity. It is truly amazing how a few minutes of care per day can provide so many benefits. You can find out more about inversion tables, with customer reviews as well as photos and feature information. Experience an orthodox but highly efficient type of physical therapy!

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