How to Choose an Inversion Table

Inversion tables are a wonderful invention as they help alleviate back pain, get the blood flowing, and even help your lymphatic system do its job so that you stay healthy. When shopping for a table it is important to understand it is more than just hanging upside down. There are a number of options that you need to decide on so that you can make the best choice in a table for you.

Narrow Down the Search

Start by knowing your budget, as this can narrow down the search and help you to find the best option in your price range. You may be surprised at just how many quality tables can be had for very little cost. Next, you will want to research features and decide which are important to you, and what you personally would never use. You also need to decide just how much space you have in your home to dedicate to an inversion table.

There is a long list of features to compare and consider, so start with the basics. First, look for a table that is sturdy, so that you will have confidence when using it and feel safe. You will also want to note the maximum weight limit to ensure safe usage. Good balance to the board will ensure that getting up and down is easy and not a struggle. You may also want to pay attention to the type of ankle locks, and the amount of ankle support. A lot of cushioning around the ankles can make the experience more enjoyable, and “easy release” features can make it easy to get in and out. Large handles or grips can also be an advantage so that you can more easily maneuver yourself.

Make it Fun!

If the thought of simply hanging upside down seems a little too dull for you, make it fun by enjoying a workout routine. Some of the inversion tables come with DVDs that show you a number of exercises you can do. Most tables are manually powered. If you have the budget, you can also get powered inversion tables that can get into any angle you desire with a simple pushing of a button. These are often the professional quality tables, the types you’d find in spas and health care offices.

Storage is another big factor you need to consider. Some models completely fold up so as to take up the least amount of space, some are even small enough to tuck underneath your bed. Some people prefer their tables to stay out as they plan to use them daily, and like the sturdier feel of a table that doesn’t fold. Look around your home and decide where you will set up and use your table before buying so that you remain happy with the model you choose.

Hanging upside down sure does feel good and stretches your back. And using an inversion table is the easiest way to do this. Be sure that you carefully consider your purchase and its features so that you will be happy with your table and enjoy it for years to come.

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