How to Choose an Inversion Table

Inversion tables are a wonderful invention as they help alleviate back pain, get the blood flowing, and even help your lymphatic system do its job so that you stay healthy. When shopping for a table it is important to understand it is more than just hanging upside down. There are a number of options that you need to decide on so that you can… [Read More…]

Health Benefits of Using an Inversion Table

Alternative treatments are becoming more popular as people see how many benefits they really have. The real eye opener comes when people also realize how few side effects these options have, especially when compared to chemically based pharmaceutical products. One way to treat a number of issues that may ail you is by simply hanging upside down. At first, this may sound silly to some but that is only until… [Read More…]

Hanging Upside Down Lubricates Spinal Disks for a Better Body

Hanging upside down was something we probably did as kids and greatly enjoyed. Little did we realize as adults how this simple activity actually helped us to be healthier. Most back pain we experience as adults stems from two problems: over tightened muscles and compressed spinal disks. There are only a few ways to overcome these problems, two of them include… [Read More…]

The Advantages of Hanging Upside Down Therapy

This is not some wacky, new-age concept. It may seem like a Batman thing to do… but believe it or not there are benefits to hanging upside down. We humans have been inverting our orientation to earth’s gravity for thousands of years to reduce pain and improve our health. We likely all did it as kids too. Inverting reduces stress, stimulates circulation, improves flexibility, and… [Read More…]

When You Shouldn’t Use an Inversion Table

According to inversion table reviews, inversion therapy is remedial to a number of painful conditions involving injury or age related aggravations to the back. Inversion therapy improves posture, causes better blood flow, and can potentially correct compressed discs and misalignments. It also gives temporary relief to pinched nerves. There are some medical conditions, however, in which hanging upside down from an inversion table could… [Read More…]

What Can Inversion Table Products Really Do for You?

You may know of inversion table products, which are staples of inversion therapy. This is a therapy of positioning one’s self upside down, or at an inverted angle, and is recommended for individuals who suffer from a variety of medical problems. The theory is that while the body’s weight is suspended from the lower body, gravity’s pull may actually decompress the joints of the body below the anchor. In theory, this would… [Read More…]

All About Inversion Tables Then and Now

Hanging upside down as a means of therapy for back pain, joint aches and dislocations is not a unique, new idea. Physicians and their patients have extolled the benefits of inversion for centuries as a means of improving blood circulation and increasing flexibility. According to various sources, Hippocrates first used inversion therapy by tying a patient upside down from a… [Read More…]

Hanging Upside Down and the Benefits it Offers

You likely have heard of inversion therapy, and like most, are a skeptic. While the term seems new, it’s something we humans have been doing for generations. Somehow, as modern society and adulthood set in, we stopped taking the simple and healthy joy of hanging upside down. For beginners who are relatively new to this practice, inversion can be… [Read More…]

5 Benefits of Using an Inversion Table You Might Want to Consider

Inversion tables, also known as teeter hang ups, are devices used for hanging upside down. Those who have never heard of the practice are sure to wonder what the point is, and most will be pleasantly surprised as it comes with a lot of… [Read More…]