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My name is Jaremy, creator of Hanging Upside Down .org

My lower back had been giving me problems for quite some time. No doubt caused by my job. So I was looking for a way to relieve my lower back pain.

I had heard of hanging upside down using an inversion table but I had never tried one.

One day I noticed that a coworker had one, so I asked him about it. I asked him how it worked, if it helped his back and several other questions.

Well, I ended up giving it a try. I didn’t know much about them at the time, so without thinking about it I fully inverted. That’s probably not a good idea for someone who is using an inversion table for the first time, but I was OK.

I was only hanging upside down for a couple of minutes, but that was all the time I needed.

I felt my back stretching out, so I tried to relax even more. The more I relaxed, the more I could feel my back stretching. It felt really good because my lower back had been acting up that day.

When I got off of the inversion table I was surprised. My back pain was completely gone and I felt great the rest of the day and even for the next several days.

That was all the convincing it took. I knew I had to get one. So I did and my back has felt great ever sense.

I only use it for a few minutes every few days or so, or whenever I feel my back starting to act up. That’s all it takes.

I did a lot of research on inversion tables and hanging upside down, so I decided to create this website to share that information with you.

I hope you enjoy it and that it helps you out with what ever reason you are interested in hanging upside down.


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